getting started

Would you like to provide a needed service, solve a problem, advance a worthy cause or look for personal development?

Perhaps you would like to make contacts, learn skills, gain work experience, build self-esteem, or find a paying job? If so, this is how to start on your path: Ask yourself "What do I want or expect from a volunteering experience?" and "How much am I willing to give of myself?" Talk to family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances about their experiences and suggestions.

Find a matching volunteer opportunity

We provide a "catalogue" of volunteer positions. Our Volunteer Centre offers referrals and an online database to receive information about current volunteering opportunities in the community.

Steps to volunteering  

1. Search our online database to see what is available in the community.

2. Once a position is chosen, send a request on-line, wait 2-3 days then call the agency and set up an appointment.

3. Be prepared for interview and sample questions.

4. Find out what you can about the position and ask additional questions about the position.

5. Let the coordinator know why you want to volunteer.

6. Fill out their registration form, provide two character references and be willing to undergo a Police Check

7. Participate in relevant orientation and training.

8. Participate in evaluation.